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Spellings and sight words are important in every class in St. Mochulla's and we all have to put a lot of effort into learning them.  As part of the Active Flag initiative our teachers came up with a great way to help learn our spellings and sight words...Active Spellings!  Instead of just saying our spellings, we now get off our seats and put actions with them.  Not only is this great fun, but the experts also tell us that we learn something more effectively when we asssociate a physical action with it.  Here are a list of the actions we put with our spellings if you would like to try them at home when learning your spellings:



·        Start crouched at floor

·        As you say each letter, get a little higher

·        Jump into the air at the end as you say the word



·        Pretend to be lifting weights

·        One rep. For each letter


·        Like a cheerleader

·        Give me an ---


·        Snap for the vowels

·        Clap for the consonants


·        Start at a whisper

·        Get louder with each letter

·        Explode when you say the word at the end            



·        Children in pairs

·        Clap hands together for consonants and lap clap for vowels

·        Put hands in the air at the end


·        Pretend to be a basketball player

·        Dribble the letters and shoot the word


·        Arrange the children in a circle

·        Trace the letter on the back of the person in front of you


·        Pretend to be John Travolta!

·        Hand starts at stomach for each letter

·        Hands up for consonants

·        Hands down for vowels


·        Pretend to be a boxer

·        One punch for each letter


·        Pretend to swing an axe for each letter

·        Pretend the tree is falling down at the end and say the word the way a lumberjack would say TIM - BER



Active Spellings 1


Active Spellings 4

Here at St. Mochulla's we know that both regular exercise and reading lots of books are very important in the lives of children.  We came up with a great way to combine both.  Every fortnight each class from 1st-6th walk to the local library to borrow books.  We read these books at school and at home and return them on our next trip to the library so we can get out new books.  We are keeping active and helping our reading to develop at the same time!


Library 1a


Library 2a


Library 3a

On days that the weather doesn't allow us to get outside for D.E.A.R. time we are able to have D.E.A.D. Cool (Drop Everything and Dance) time in the classroom instead.  We push our desks out of the way and our teaher puts a dance video on the whiteboard and we follow the steps.  This is a great way to work up a sweat while having great fun at the same time!  Some of our favourite dances are The Cha Cha Slide, The Gummy Bear Song and The Chicken Dance.  


Dance 1a