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April 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We wish to inform you that St. Mochulla’s Active School Week will be held on the 4th-11th May.  There are lots of fun activities lined up for this week to encourage everyone in the school community to be more physically active.  We hope to have events such as a welly throw, puc fada, basketball league, penalty shoot out, playground games and dancing.  There are going to be a number of professionals coming in to volunteer their time to do workshops with the children in the areas of sport and physical activity.  The Parent Association have also organised a family walk on Sunday 8th May kicking off at 1pm from the school.     

It is important that children wear a tracksuit and runners throughout this week to allow them to be comfortable when taking part in the activities.  Friday the 6th May will be jersey/county colours day where your child can wear the colours of their favourite team.  It should also be noted that physical activity homework designed by the Active School Committee will be assigned throughout the week and we would appreciate that you support your child with this.  Junior Infants and 6th Class will also need yoga mats for Wednesday 11th May.  We will need 37 in total.  If you have a yoga mat at home we would really appreciate it if you labelled it with your child’s name and send this in to school with them. 

There will be a ‘bling your bike’ day for each class where your child can decorate their bike and cycle to school (or park & cycle) or if this isn’t suitable they can take part in ‘fancy feet’ where they decorate their shoes and walk (or park & stride) to school.  Google has great ideas for bling your bike and fancy feet!  Please see the dates for bling your bike and fancy feet below.  You can also bring your blinged out bike to the family fun walk on the Sunday for the chance to win a prize!    

We are all really looking forward to Active School Week and we hope that it will be enjoyable and worthwhile for the whole school community. 

Kind regards,
The Active School Committee

Bling your bike/Fancy Feet Days
Junior & Senior Infants: Thursday 5th May
1st & 2nd: Friday 6th May
3rd & 4th: Monday 9th May
5th & 6th: Tuesday 10th May

The Active School and Green School committees are delighted to see so many people taking part in WOW.  Members of our committees have been watching out on Wednesday mornings for people travelling in an active way and handing out spot prizes to them (rulers, pencils, colouring books etc.).  


Active Travel 2


 Active Travel 3


Active Travel 4


Active Travel one

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the weather now becoming milder we are encouraging you to engage in active travel when dropping off and collecting your children from school.  Active travel is an important part of both the Active School and Green Schools programmes.  Active travel involves physically active and environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from school.  It is suggested that you walk, cycle, car pool and park &stride when making your journey to and from St. Mochulla’s.

We also hope to revive the Walk on Wednesday (WOW) initiative.  This is where we especially encourage you to use an active travel method on a Wednesday and an active travel survey of each class will be taken.  There will also be rewards from the Road Safety Authority handed out as spot prizes to a lucky few who are spotted arriving to school in an active way on Wednesday mornings. 

It is important to prioritise road safety when engaging in active travel.  Ensure your child is following the road safety rules and is wearing their high visibilty vest.  It is also essential that children are wearing helmets and protective gear if cyclying to school.        

Kind regards,

The Active School and Green Schools committee